Uncle Milton Toy Review: Night Time Adventures!

August 17, 2012
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It's Week Two of reviewing Uncle Milton's National Geographic Outdoor Explorer toys! This time, my kids and I took a look at some night time toys. Of course, they loved this! (Last week, we played with Uncle Milton's Day Time Adventure Toys.)

First, we used the Expedition Sky Flare. It comes with a signal light that can be switched on or off, a Sky Flare, and a launch band. Hook up the Flare to the launch band, which includes a weight, aim, and let it go! Your child can see how far it travels, or can choose a target to hit. My kids had a great time with this toy, and they were able to get it to fly about 50 feet! My son used the LED signal flare to light up the house and trees, too. Keep in mind that this toy is intended for kids ages 8 and up. Younger kids may have a hard time properly placing their hands around the Sky Flare and positioning the elastic band to ensure the Flare flies forward.

MK Expedition Sky Flare at Night

Next, we tried the Expedition Shoe Lights. They're a cool way for your kids to explore at night without having to use a flashlight. The show lights are easy to use--attach them to either lace or Velcro shoes, turn them on, and you're ready to explore! The lights can be adjusted by angle and can be turned on as either white or red lights to illuminate the way. They're useful to run through the yard at night (think catching lightening bugs) or to walk along a path. The kids are still having fun with these lights!

The High Sierra Eco Explorer is a toy that's also a multipurpose tool. It can be used as a magnifying viewer, a flashlight, a specimen jar, a sifter, and a strap-on head lamp! It comes with a belt clip, a light, and tweezers so that you can select what you'd like to view under the magnifying glass. Part of the fun is configuring the tool after you decide what you'd like to do--find bugs or use as a search light. The kids liked how many things this explorer can do. They tried on the head lamp along with the shoe lights and had fun running around the yard.

To buy or take a look at these and more Uncle Milton Toys, click here. Next week, I'll be taking a look at some National Geographic puzzles.

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