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100 Things to Do With Plastic Eggs

March 22, 2013
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Over the years, I've collected hundreds of plain, neon, stickered, painted, decorated, and talking (yes, that was a mistake) plastic Easter eggs. Not because I love them, but because they seem to multiply up in the attic during the summer. Or maybe because I buy a few bags every year so I don't have to go looking for them in the attic. Since I finally organized my holiday decorations last year, I realized that I have more eggs than the Easter Bunny would ever need for our Easter egg hunt. There are simply not enough places in our house to hide them. So now what?

I'm on a mission to figure out what to do with so many eggs. So far, I've found that with a cardboard or Styrofoam wreath backer, you can glue eggs (using a low-temp glue gun) and create an Easter egg wreath. Also, you can easily make egg garland (article's here) with string that can be draped anywhere in your home. I think I may also just keep a small bag of them in a closet, wait for summer--it will get here eventually--and hide them outside one day for something fun to do with the kids.

If you have any ideas about what else I could do with eggs, let me know!

Easter egg hunts are taking place all this weekend, so don't forget to check out the Easter activities article.

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1) Gwen said:
Donate to assisted living homes they often have egg hunts for kids of patients, and school classes.
1 year, 4 months ago

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